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Zincarea mai buna decat vopsitul

Produsele zincate se folosesc in cele mai diversificate ramuri industriale ...

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Serviciile oferite

Tratamentele pe care le oferim asigura durabilitate impotriva coroziunii pentru piesele metalice

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ZINCARE TIMISOARA Adresa: Str. Stan Vidrighin, nr 14, Timisoara, Timis Telefon: 0730193974, 0773370611 Email: office@zincare-timisoara.ro Web: www.zincare-timisoara.ro

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Galvanizing Timisoara

Our firm was founded in 1996 under the name B&D Industrial Products (B&D Produse Industriale). Over the years, we offered galvanizing services to companies in Timis County and the neighboring counties.

Recently we operate under the new name.

Today we offer galvanizing services at the best quality – price ratio … [read more]

The benefits of galvanizing:

  1. Galvanizing is more durable than painting parts (the paint does not resist the blows, while galvanizing becomes one with the part, resisting deformities).
  2. Galvanizing is up to 70% cheaper than painting (and it is usually faster).
  3. Galvanizing makes parts remain fireproof … [read more]

transport-zincare-timisoara-300x198 Galvanizing Timisoara

Our services:

  • Galvanizing: blue and white
  • Galvanizing: yellow
  • Galvanizing: black
  • Reel: blue and white
  • Reel: yellow
  • Reel: black with increased capacity
  • NEW! Electrostatic painting [read more]


We offer shipping services with a 3.5 tons van (1.5 tonnes of cargo).

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About us

Our firm was founded in 1996 under the name B&D Industrial Products (B&D […]

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Our company offers galvanizing services ( white – blue , yellow , black […]

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Our company offers: galvanizing ( white – blue, yellow, black ) reel ( […]

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About galvanizing

The benefits of galvanizing: Galvanizing is more durable than painting parts (the paint […]

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ZINCARE TIMISOARA Adress: Str. J.N.Preyer, no 40, Timisoara, Timis Phone: 0730193974, 0773370611 Email: […]

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